IT Copywriting Specialist

Don’t tell it like it is, tell it like it needs to be told.

Technical Writer

17 years in IT. 17 years in HE

If you are not technical, then writing for a technical audience can be a difficult, if not an impossible task. The university I worked at had a small IT department, and there was no 'soft' buffer between the lecturers, students, and myself. It was up to me to communicate directly with this diverse audience with varying levels of technical ability. My education and IT writing covered a range of content, including department and service news and announcements, user guides, project papers, and web content.

Experience has taken my creative brain and infused it with a strong technical and academic understanding, enabling me to offer specialisation in the IT and education sectors. I have also developed a useful knack for translating geek into human.


Top Tip: IT can shut people down if what they read is overly complicated or not applicable to them. Always remember: relevance + delivery = information retention and effective writing.


I was an IT Infrastructure Engineer & System Architect

At the peak of my IT career, I had responsibility for over nine-hundred servers, desktops, and mobile devices.

Desktop Management
Server Administration
Web Hosting
Database Administration
Data Storage
Technical Writing
IT Support
BYOD Services

If you're interested in my background and why I changed career, check out: Breaking into Copywriting: My Story

Fully booked!

I am fully booked, so not able to take on any new clients at this time. If you would like me to notify you as soon as I'm available again, please drop me a note using the contact form.

Adam Hawkins
Freelance Copywriter

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