My name is Adam Hawkins. I work with clients in IT and various technology industries to create powerful copy for increased market visibility and customer demand.

If your sector is IT or Education, then you are in luck! I have worked in IT for over 17 years, so I come preloaded with a level of understanding that most copywriters cannot match.

Get in touch and find out why my clients agree that Write Services is their top choice, for choice copy.

GCHQ in Cheltenham
IT & Education Copywriter

IT Specialist

I am a creative person with a strong technical background. I have worked in IT since 2002 and I have amassed a vast of experience which enables me to offer specialisation to this sector. I have also developed a useful knack for translating geek into human.

Digital Content Marketing for the internet generations

Digital Content Marketing

The smart marketer knows when to pay for adverts and when to create exposure through organic search traffic and P2P sharing on social media.
I can help you create effective content to build your audience and promote your product or brand to the target demographic.

Advertising Copywriter

Advertising Copy

Advertising campaigns are the bread and butter of many businesses. Ensuring that your campaign is both relevant to your brand and delivers a high ROI (Return on Investment) is key to its success.
I've studied both good and bad advertising, to learn what works and what doesn't. We have all seen the bad ones; work with me and make yours great.

Business Communications

Business Writing

Does your business find it hard to attract new talent, turn leads into customers, generate discussion from reports and tenders, or write memos that are actually being read by colleagues?
As a professional Business Writer, I can help you deliver content that improves conversions, increases customer retention, and engages your colleagues.